Partial List of Boy Scouts of America Trademarks

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Partial List of Boy Scouts of America Trademarks

In addition to the protections granted by the U.S. Congress in federal charter, the BSA has registered a number of marks, words and phrases for its purposes. The following list, although not exhaustive, includes the most common proprietary marks, words, and phrases of the Boy Scouts of America:

• 50 Miler®
• 100 Years of Scouting: When Tradition Meets Tomorrow™
• Arrow of Light™
• Ax-in-log (Wood Badge design with and without Wood Badge beads)
Be Prepared®
• Be Prepared. For Adventure. For Life.™
• Black Bull®
• Boy Scout™
• Boy Scouts of America®
• Boy Scouts of America Trademark (red, white and blue fleur-de-lis)
• Boy Scouts of America Universal Emblem (fleur-de-lis with eagle)
• Boys’ Life®
• BSA®
• Character Connections®
• Character Counts®
• Character Quest®
• Codemaster®
• Cub Scout™
• Cub Scouts®
• Cub World®
• Do Your Best™
• Drugs: A Deadly Game®
• Eagle Scout™
• Emergency Preparedness, BSA®
• Good Turn for America®
• Jamboree®
• Merit Badge®
• National Eagle Scout Association®
• National Scouting Museum®
• On My Honor Timeless Values®
• Order of the Arrow®
• Pedro Burro®
• Pee Wee Harris®
• Philmont® (including bull design and arrowhead design)
Pinewood Derby®
• Prepared. For Life®
• Raingutter Regatta™
• Scoutfitter®
• Scout Gear™

• Scouting®
• Scouting USA®
• Scoutmaster®
• Scoutnet®
• Scout Shop®
• Scout Stuff®
• Search, Discover, Share®
• Sea Scouts®
• Space Derby®
• Strong Values Strong Leaders®
• Take a Stand Against Drugs®
• Tenderfoot™
• Varsity Scout®
• Venture®
• Venturing®
• When Tradition Meets Tomorrow®
Wildnerness Explorers
• Wood Badge®

• Boy Scout, Cub Scout and Venturing mottoes and phrases
• Boy Scout uniform, insignia and emblems
• Cub Scout uniform, insignia and emblems
• Joseph Csatari Scout paintings
• Merit Badge® designs
• Norman Rockwell Scout paintings
• Venturing uniform, insignia and emblems
• Fleur-de-lis (when used in conjunction with a Scouting activity)

In effect, just about any mark that reasonably relates to BSA or its program is protected. Accordingly, anyone seeking to use any marks, words, or phrases, which may reasonably be related to the BSA and its programs should contact the BSA Legal Department at 972-580-2000 to obtain permission in advance for such use.

If you or anyone you know are using any of these trademarks without authorization, please contact the BSA immediately.